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Meaning as Impact


“When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.”
- Walter Payton
You cannot proclaim trust. You have to earn it.
I cultivate who I am with what I do, bringing my humanity, experience and specificity to my ideas and work, earning your trust through my dedication to visualize and realize the best project together. I am passionate about the digital shift now happening. Beyond the tools we can use, new behaviors are being created and important values are back on the table. I love to collaborate on projects and events, as well as with companies that represent values I believe in and that inspire Generation Y.
Convinced that the age of “meaning” is here, I have the new skills necessary to successfully navigate our digital age and interconnected world. I write, curate, read and explore. I am a very (very) curious person. Some even say a passionate idealist. That’s the side I have chosen to nurture during this chaotic, transformational digital age. Creating Axl Agency is the logical step for me to develop the spontaneous collaborations I love.
I am a thinker, a doer, an instigator, and facilitator. I am a photographer, a journalist, a speaker, and a listener. And so much more. My interests are diversified and deep. If Generation Y is your target, let’s plan to collaborate.


Keeping the enthusiasm of a beginner while learning from the experience of professionals is one of the biggest challenges we face. I see my mission as bringing a storm of freshness. My passion for, and knowledge of, this era and my fellow millennials are my legitimacy. That’s my meaning and the narrative behind all my work.


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